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Spencer Aldworth Brown

Got his first camera at age 6 (this was that day) and has been working in the field his entire adult life. He lives on the beach in San Francisco with his wife.


Spencer Aldworth Brown has photographed thousands of people for publication. He specializes in location portraiture and shoots for the sweet spot between aesthetic composition and human connection. He got his start selling cameras as a teenager at the mall and approached photography like a journeyman would learn a trade with subsequent jobs developing film and assisting professional photographers in his native Seattle. In college he was a staff photographer at The Fish Rap Live! from which he landed a long term position at the San Francisco Business Times. He has been 100% freelance since 2014.

His fine art series has gained critical acclaim with many curated shows around the Bay Area. In 2015 he floated the entire coastline of San Francisco in a wetsuit with a water proof camera for an ‘immersive perspective’. He is currently working on a project of the Midwest built around locations photographed from 36,000’ while flying commercial. You can find his prints for sale at 3 Fish Studios in San Francisco and larger pieces available for rent or purchase through Curated State.

He teaches a seasonal portrait class at the Harvey Milk Photo Center, the largest and oldest public darkroom in the United States, and is an active member and volunteer at ArtSpan, the Bay Area's premier arts organization. He balances his time between assignments and very long hikes in the Sierra Nevada.